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Ambitious targets ahead

Natura &Co strongly believes in the importance of championing for nature. As a business with deep roots in the Amazon, we understand the extraordinary value of nature, to individuals, communities, business, and society at large, as well as the threat it is facing.


Amazônia plays a vital role in all of our futures. As the planet’s largest storehouse of carbon, its greatest source of biodiversity, and home to 30 million people whose traditional cultures, rights, and livelihood depend upon it, it must be protected. It's important to emphasize that economic development and forest conservation are not mutually exclusive. Biodiversity loss is now one of the greatest threats to both climate change and the global economy, and the fate of the Amazon rainforest is not solely a regional issue for Latin America; rather, it is undeniably a concern of global proportions.

Driven by the urgent imperative to halt and reverse nature loss within this decade, thereby paving the way for a nature-positive future, Natura &Co has taken proactive steps. We've collaborated with like-minded organizations to advocate for an ambitious Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework at CBD COP15 in Montreal. Subsequently, we've maintained our engagement with key entities such as Business for Nature and Union Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) to advocate for the adoption and implementation of nature policies at both governmental and corporate levels.

It's important to emphasize that economic development and forest conservation are not mutually exclusive.

We hold an optimistic outlook for the future of the Amazon because we believe that solutions do exist. However, we recognize that achieving this positive outcome requires collective effort. By collaborating with partners, stakeholders, and communities, we can work together to preserve and protect the Amazon for future generations. To learn more on progress and initiatives related to the Amazon, refer to the Natura &Co Latin America section here.

Task Force for Nature-Related Financial Disclosure

Since 2020, Natura &Co has actively participated in discussions leading to the launch of the Task Force for Nature-Related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) Framework, and Natura is one of the early adopters of this framework.

This framework, designed to complement and expand upon the existing disclosure framework established by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), provides organizations with guidelines to disclose information pertaining to climate-related risks, opportunities, and financial impacts. By aligning with both the TCFD and TNFD frameworks, we are reinforcing our commitment to transparency and accountability in addressing both climate and nature-related challenges, thereby advancing the transition to a greener and more resilient economy.

A recent study conducted by the Task Force on Nature-Related Financial Disclosures (TNFD), unveiled during the New York Climate Week, has underscored the escalating demand for nature-related data. In response to this growing imperative, we have joined forces with 11 other organizations to assess the feasibility of establishing a global nature-related public data facility. This initiative will initially focus on enhancing the availability, quality, and comparability of data regarding the state of nature. In 2023, Natura &Co Latin America started its journey to map and report on the risks and dependencies of its business in relation to nature. We are working on the pre-Locate phase of the LEAP methodology (Locate, Evaluate, Assess, Prepare) and by mid-2024, we will have completed the Locate phase. For further information refer to the Natura &Co Latin America section here.