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Interview with the CEO

latam-min João Paulo Ferreira

Read the interview with the CEO of Natura &Co Latin America and President of Natura, João Paulo Ferreira.

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Natura Ekos Brazil Oil Concentrate

The first concentrated moisturizing body cream in the world, the results of three years of study by the Natura R&D team, it represents the combination of innovation and positive impact. The launch, available for sale in 2024, represents a global innovation in the cosmetics market, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to sustainability, noteworthy being its refillable pack. Made from 100% plastic retrieved from riverine regions, it contributes to a significant reduction in waste and the development of sustainable post-consumer plastic chains in riverside communities, as well as fostering recycling cooperatives.

Natura Tododia Todanoite

What if you didn’t wait till tomorrow to sleep? Developed by the Natura Well-Being Sciences area in partnership with Instituto do Sono, the product line proposes a pre-sleep routine that cares for the skin, reduces the time to go to sleep and improves the quality of sleep up to fourfold, with proven effectiveness. The product line comprises prebiotic nutrition, vitamin B5 and chamomile tea and lavender fragrance.

Natura Bothânica

The line offers well-being in every detail, from the skin to the home ambience. With the launch, Natura is evolving in the premium categories, inaugurating the home care segment with perfumery for the home. Focused on e-commerce and retail sales, the products seek to harmonize body, the home and the planet, by means of natural formulas, exclusive fragrances and essential oils.

Essencial Ato

An olfactory creation from Verônica Kato, Natura,’s exclusive perfumer, in which we capture the smell of the Brazilwood flower combined with Amazonian power of priprioca root essential oil. An exclusive innovation from Natura Perfumery, that took five years to develop a fragrance equal to that of the Brazilwood flower, enabling its use in perfumery while leaving the flowers on the trees using Headspace sustainable technology, which absorbs the molecules responsible for producing the odors, which are then subject to a series of laboratory essays to identify the molecules responsible for creating this olfactory identity.

Natura Launches

Matte Hydramatic Lipstick

The first with the powerful tratamake nucleus, which combines intense color and a matte finish with moisturizing properties. The formula contains hyaluronic acid and glycerine, known for their high moisturizing power. The launch inaugurates a treatment platform within the make-up category.

Renew Line

This consists of products that reinforce care in the skincare routine. They range from cleansing to anti-signs of ageing treatment, including moisturizing and protection. The key components in the formulation include protinol, an exclusive brand ingredient that promotes the production of the two types of collagen present in our skin. The result is greater softness, plumping and firmness.

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Power Stay

Long-wearing make-up for a complete look every day. It comprises lipsticks, foundations, concealer, eyeliners and mascara. The launches for the year include new lipstick colors and a liquid eyeliner.

Natura &Co Latin America Avon Launches

Jamaican Castor Oil Line

Developed especially for coily and curly hair, its formula contains vegan keratin, shea butter – from Ghana Community Fair Trade – and Jamaican castor oil, with a recyclable and 100% recycled pack with Community Fair Trade plastic retrieved from the streets of Bengaluru in India. All are dermatologically tested and certified by the Vegan Society.

Wellness Line

Anchored on three special pillars (Sleep, Breathe and Boost), it is oriented to self-care to re-energize the body and mind. The Sleep line contains a minimum of 90% ingredients of natural origin and upholds ethical principles in the essential oil sourcing chain. In the Breathe line, noteworthy are the 100% natural eucalyptus essential oils from China and rosemary from Spain, with at least 95% ingredients of natural origin. Meanwhile the Boost line contains 100% natural tangerine and bergamot oils, as well as other ingredients from Fair Trade programs with communities in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Natura &Co Latin America The Body Shop Launches


Our Business

Discover, in this section, the organizational structure of Latin America, our strategy and the developments of innovation fronts, our brands and new businesses, culture, and management of the value chain.

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Sustainability Vision Regeneration

In 2023, we announced the incorporation of the concept of regeneration into the Natura &Co Latin America strategy, which should be the new axis of our business strategy, just as sustainability was more than 20 years ago. Discover in this chapter the actions that we are already implementing along this path.

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